sexybowie_freak (sexybowie_freak) wrote,

House of the Living Dead

Like haunted houses?
Needta make some extra cash?
Free nights?

Come get paid for acting in a haunted house!

House of the Living Dead
Open tonight
doors 7pm

if interested in acting:
show up around 5:30-6pm for a meeting and information gathering. you will not work the first night you show up. (show up tonight for info, work tomorrow, etc.)

just go down the alley with the giant dragon above it, and ask to speak with either Freddy or Sammy and you will be pointed in the right direction and say you are interested in acting.

$7/hour (plus tips)
provide own costume (they will give more information on this)

they are also very flexible with hours - can only work 2 days a week, fine! I will be doing mainly weekends.

next to Temptations strip club on the 300 block of Bourbon St.
look for the giant dragon.

if you can't work, come play! Angie and I will be there on weekends

contact me if interested and I can attempt to fill in any missing peices.

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