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ah crack

finished my two knitting projects - so its time to start a new one!

this one is flower blossom shawl - very pretty, simple lace design. time to learn how to do lace! yay!

so, things are freakishly good. not looking forward to school starting tho... the extreme lack of quality time that i see coming up will be very annoying.

monday, i shall go on an avdenture.
... hopefully not physically.

we'll see how that goes.


peaches / eagles of death metal / dead man and elephant boy - house of blues - july 28 - $20

god i wanna start knitting this shawl!
but i need place markers.
and its 3:30ish am.

ahhh it's back to the comfort of someone else's bed tomorrow, but tonight, it shall just be me, the television, the acidic sting of a cold coke, and the comforting click of the needles.

the end.
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