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and the wait drags on

9 hours
some odd mins

boredom urged me to start playing kingdom of loathing.

oh the wackyness ensued!... then i ran out of time.

about to switch to lemmings.

thank you fish for the wonderful ideas to fill up the boredom.

i'm tired. but my alarm is set to go off in about 5 hours anyway.
and if i go to sleep, there will be no waking up at 9am.

that and i want to actually tell my mom bye before she goes to work.

so, jamie, if this is one of those mornins you feel like callin, go for it.
i'll be up.

i'll be arriving in chicago at 9am. no idea how long its going to take to get to the apartment.

i'm bored.

i'd read but i just dont feel like reading.
and if i stay up i can sleep on the train.


and wish i had a smaller alarm clock that i could bring with me.

for your viewing enjoyment:

boy on a stick and slither (

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