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wow - forever!   
08:09am 06/08/2007
mood: bored
so, been awhile since i posted, and seeing as i posted on my other journal, why the fuck not here too? that, and i'm bored. so, here's a nice comprehensive list of what has been going on:

- i have a steady job
- i am re-taking the gre
- i still hate math
- i got engaged
- we set a wedding date
- i have been drinking less
- i have been smoking more
- i have not been keeping my exercise routine
- i am graduating in december
- i have narrowed down my gradschool selection to 4 schools
- i will be moving in a year no matter what
- i have been think of starting a knitting journal
- i still have too much yarn
- i have really been wanting to sew
- i still can't fit my sewing machine in the apartment
- i still haven't gotten my dining room table
- i still hate math
- i am finally growing my hair out
- school starts in two weeks

that's about it i guess.
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St. Roch Tavern 3/22   
07:15pm 19/03/2007



Thursday, March 22

St. Roch Tavern
1200 St. Roch


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11:14pm 16/10/2006
  stolen from j0shkn0x

For all my fans out there in interweb land think of a song that best describes me.

This can also become a chain post type thing, but go crazy.
House of the Living Dead   
12:58pm 02/10/2006
  Like haunted houses?
Needta make some extra cash?
Free nights?

Come get paid for acting in a haunted house!

House of the Living Dead
Open tonight
doors 7pm

if interested in acting:
show up around 5:30-6pm for a meeting and information gathering. you will not work the first night you show up. (show up tonight for info, work tomorrow, etc.)

just go down the alley with the giant dragon above it, and ask to speak with either Freddy or Sammy and you will be pointed in the right direction and say you are interested in acting.

$7/hour (plus tips)
provide own costume (they will give more information on this)

they are also very flexible with hours - can only work 2 days a week, fine! I will be doing mainly weekends.

next to Temptations strip club on the 300 block of Bourbon St.
look for the giant dragon.

if you can't work, come play! Angie and I will be there on weekends

contact me if interested and I can attempt to fill in any missing peices.

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... head go kaboom   
02:09pm 11/09/2006
mood: blah

someone, pick me out a grad school in the chicago area with a phd program in english.
i'm sick of looking.
i can find ma programs out the wa-zoo, but i want phd. save me a year or so.

... i could always resort to the initial plan of ma in chi-town and phd in new york.
but i'm feeling lazy.
wanna stay in one place.

all i wanna do is buy some shoes and fun socks. that will make my head not hurt.

eating may also possibly help.

ok. that's the end of this.
imma go read.

i'm a week late finishing richard III
and have to have comedy of errors finished for tomorrow.

the joy that is my life.

the end.
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365 days, more or less - part 1   
05:20pm 29/08/2006
part one.

i haven't started drinking yet. part two will be later tonight.

so. here we are.
here i am.

okay, it's been a year. woop-ti-friggin-doo.
a year is shit.

and yet, this has on many respects been one of the best years of my life. i was forced to focus, something that would not have happened without alot of screwing around and fucking up. but, apparently, an apocolypse type scenerio also works.

i've become quieter. much more introverted. but i am much more observant now. there is no need to talk anymore i realized, just a need to listen, watch. breath is too important to waste on the meaningless anymore.

i still smile, laugh, and even on occasion frolic (fuck off, i like frolicing). but i have a goal now.

a year.

i made out better than alot of people. i can live with loss of property. no one close died. we found everyone. a lesson was learned - hold no stock in the material. the egyptians were wrong - you can't bring it with you. even though i will damn well try next time.

i sat down to do this thinking i would have alot to say.
but i don't.

it's been a year.
i haven't healed.
i haven't processed anything.
i still expect to wake up in my old bed.
i want the pain.

but, i don't want to go back anymore.

i just want to know that i can live with this, and i have proven to myself that i can. so, no, i won't deal with it. i will continue to surpress it all. every unfallen tear will remain so.

pain is the best catalyst.
pain is the best cleanser.

and pain will be the only thing that gets me through this.

fuck healing.
i feel alive.

the end.
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ah sweet angeli's   
01:45am 30/07/2006
  hello people

thank god for internet.

quick update, cause its hot and i'm actually tired of being online. done all i need to/can do.

things are going very well - amazingly.
looking forward to school starting up agian - though not the insane 8ams.


that's actually all.

the end.
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06:51am 21/07/2006
mood: bored
stolen from wheeels034

If You Ruled the Land . . . by wackyweasel
Your first name:
How you gained your rule:
Your title is:Your Royal Sexyness
Your symbol is:a crown, because, um, you wear one
You rule from:a great, golden, gem-studded palace
At your side is:your Jack Russel terrier, Wishbone Jr.
Your enforcers, troops, and guards are all:laser-gun-totin' space pirates!
Your most popular law is:Harry Potter named national hero; he's done so much!
Your least popular law is:Irony banned
Your worst enemy is:your unstable water bed - how can you sleep?!
Your popularity rating is:: 10%
Your chance of being overthrown is:: 16%
Quiz created with MemeGen!
under the influence   
05:34pm 19/07/2006
mood: bouncy
my hand was very impolite to me the other day. i was forced to hit it.
what an odd adventure it was.

went and saw allen toussaint and elvis costello last night - good show, even though it felt like they were playing forever. the crescent city horns were amazing!

time is slowly dwindling back to school days.
i added another class.
i am dumb.

now the grand total is 19 hours, and i shall have no life.
but it must get done.
*edit*already back down to 18 hours. who knew that adding a class would bump an extra $10 onto my tuition?*edit*

still on that never ending quest for a grad school - always fun.
really wanting chicago, but i may open the search back up to new york also.

i just want to be north and in a big city.
and this is an excuse to move somewhere i've always wanted to go to.

aquired some hot new shoes.
and amazingly giant knitting needles.

tonight, i shall knit a quick shawl with them.
someone was silly and left their lace project at the apartment.

i guess that's all.

on a quick side note:
i would do it agian.
... if it were free.

the end.
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ah crack   
03:23am 14/07/2006
mood: grateful
finished my two knitting projects - so its time to start a new one!

this one is flower blossom shawl - very pretty, simple lace design. time to learn how to do lace! yay!

so, things are freakishly good. not looking forward to school starting tho... the extreme lack of quality time that i see coming up will be very annoying.

monday, i shall go on an avdenture.
... hopefully not physically.

we'll see how that goes.


peaches / eagles of death metal / dead man and elephant boy - house of blues - july 28 - $20

god i wanna start knitting this shawl!
but i need place markers.
and its 3:30ish am.

ahhh it's back to the comfort of someone else's bed tomorrow, but tonight, it shall just be me, the television, the acidic sting of a cold coke, and the comforting click of the needles.

the end.
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12:41am 28/06/2006
  SECRET AGENT BILL (chicago punk rock)
Clit 45
New Mexican Disaster Squad
In Distress

July 6th
7 pm
The High Ground
all ages

come check out the sexiest punk band ever! SECRET AGENT BILL!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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chicago land   
10:32pm 21/06/2006
mood: bored
the dog's balls are large, lop-sided, and spotted.

we broke a bed. futon's are not good for three people to sit on. it went boom.

yay for the puppy. sorta.
for details, inquire within.

roosevelt university was amazing. right across the street from millenium park. only draw back is that they don't have a strong medieval department. now, if i decide to switch to romantics, i'll be cool. that's still in the air though.

apparently i can't type while someone is staring at the screen.

angie has cobwebs.

i miss the sloppy joe.

and god damn do i want a roast beef po-boy fully dressed with extra gravy!!!

and now for the good shit.

oh please!Collapse )

for doug.Collapse )

if only the acid hadn't run out.Collapse )

yay red lipstick!Collapse )

we love a man who loves jack.Collapse )

more to come. there are still two days left!
02:11am 17/06/2006
mood: lazy
greetings from chicago!

the train ride was... long.
very very very long.

spent the day at the museum of science and industry - da vinci exhibit.
pictures when i'm not feeling lazy

i was expecting more from the exhibit, but it was still cool. the only original work there was a peice from one of his notebooks concerning a play and how to make orpheus rise from between a mountain. pritty nifty.

he had very nice handwriting.

i also watched a baby chick hatch.

we amazingly didnt get lost on the el at all! i was so proud.

tomorrow is the grocery shopping, contemporary art museum, and seeing the boys at the double door.

its nice to be back here.

time for a smoke.

the end.
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and the wait drags on   
04:38am 15/06/2006
mood: content
9 hours
some odd mins

boredom urged me to start playing kingdom of loathing.

oh the wackyness ensued!... then i ran out of time.

about to switch to lemmings.

thank you fish for the wonderful ideas to fill up the boredom.

i'm tired. but my alarm is set to go off in about 5 hours anyway.
and if i go to sleep, there will be no waking up at 9am.

that and i want to actually tell my mom bye before she goes to work.

so, jamie, if this is one of those mornins you feel like callin, go for it.
i'll be up.

i'll be arriving in chicago at 9am. no idea how long its going to take to get to the apartment.

i'm bored.

i'd read but i just dont feel like reading.
and if i stay up i can sleep on the train.


and wish i had a smaller alarm clock that i could bring with me.

for your viewing enjoyment:

boy on a stick and slither (boasas.com)

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08:32pm 14/06/2006
mood: jubilant
transcript printed.
museum tickets printed.
hair a normal color.

now. all that's left

is the wait.

pics of the normal hair, for those who havent seen it before, will be up eventually.
02:35pm 11/06/2006
  why is tooth paste glittery?

on another note, who's goin to the show tomorrow?
possible ride needed for myself, fish, and angie - holla at a girl!


(yay for leaving on thursday!!!)
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11:54pm 05/06/2006
  $6 i think
all ages
my sexy chicago boys are playin!

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chicago bound... agian.   
04:45pm 01/06/2006
  just bought my ticket.

leave the 15th at 1:45pm and thank god! i am ready to get away for a little while. and i'll actually be able to do shit while i'm up there, since i wont be having school shit to worry about.

i've got one grad school lined up with an actual interview and everything - i may just go wander around some other campuses though.

also have a list of museums that i want to check out - and apparently someone loves me, cause the king tut exhibit is still going to be at the field museum, along with a da vinci exhibit at the museum of science and industry

i'm excited.

all that's left to do now is get a place to stay and pack!

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05:44pm 19/05/2006
mood: hating banks
that's all i have to say about that.


this, on the other hand, made me smile:

NEW-NEW ORLEANS!!! a "proposed" rebuilding plan

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i'm ready, are you?

and who's going to be out tonigt to by a broke girl a drink? huh? anyone.

... figures.
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01:29pm 16/05/2006
mood: awake
some better than i thought, others worse - but everything is justifid in my head, so i'm ok

astronomy - C *fuckin' a!*
intro comp - B
intro poetry writing - A *duh*
language and gender - B
later romantics - C *completly fucked up the final in a bad way*
later medieval - B

I'm happy enough. Going to try to get a bit higher in my english classes next semester. Cumulative GPA is a 3.0, so i'm content enough - even though it'd be nice to get that a bit higher. But I am at 81 hours now - which means I can graduate soon! yay!
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