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wow - forever!

so, been awhile since i posted, and seeing as i posted on my other journal, why the fuck not here too? that, and i'm bored. so, here's a nice comprehensive list of what has been going on:

- i have a steady job
- i am re-taking the gre
- i still hate math
- i got engaged
- we set a wedding date
- i have been drinking less
- i have been smoking more
- i have not been keeping my exercise routine
- i am graduating in december
- i have narrowed down my gradschool selection to 4 schools
- i will be moving in a year no matter what
- i have been think of starting a knitting journal
- i still have too much yarn
- i have really been wanting to sew
- i still can't fit my sewing machine in the apartment
- i still haven't gotten my dining room table
- i still hate math
- i am finally growing my hair out
- school starts in two weeks

that's about it i guess.
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