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under the influence

my hand was very impolite to me the other day. i was forced to hit it.
what an odd adventure it was.

went and saw allen toussaint and elvis costello last night - good show, even though it felt like they were playing forever. the crescent city horns were amazing!

time is slowly dwindling back to school days.
i added another class.
i am dumb.

now the grand total is 19 hours, and i shall have no life.
but it must get done.
*edit*already back down to 18 hours. who knew that adding a class would bump an extra $10 onto my tuition?*edit*

still on that never ending quest for a grad school - always fun.
really wanting chicago, but i may open the search back up to new york also.

i just want to be north and in a big city.
and this is an excuse to move somewhere i've always wanted to go to.

aquired some hot new shoes.
and amazingly giant knitting needles.

tonight, i shall knit a quick shawl with them.
someone was silly and left their lace project at the apartment.

i guess that's all.

on a quick side note:
i would do it agian.
... if it were free.

the end.
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